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How To Fix Error Code 30015-13(-21470238...

How To Fix Error Code 30015-13(-2147023838)

Fix Error Code 30015-13(-2147023838) Error code 30015-13(-2147023838) while trying to install Microsoft office in our computer is due to some internal conflicts happens in the basic windows installer registry keys or due to some erroneous changes made in the proxy level. This page explain the troubleshooting steps to Fix Error Code 30015-13(-2147023838). Performing the below […]

Internet Explorer Not Working, not Openi...

Internet Explorer Not Working, not Opening

Internet Explorer Not Working You might see internet explorer not working, internet explorer not responding and internet explorer stopped working error while accessing internet explorer.  These errors are mainly caused by settings corruption due to collaborating software and addons. The software which interfere the functional unit of internet explorer and changes the registry values which […]