Unable to install Office 365

You might see errors and unresponsive attempts while trying to install Microsoft Office 365 in your computer. This may be due to the connection error, security settings blocks and may be due to hidden pre-installed program features in the computer file system.

Unable to install Office 365

Office 365

Before installing Microsoft Office 365, make sure that you have an active subscription remaining for your office 365.

Following given are the most effective pre-investigated solutions to fix the errors and to install Microsoft Office 365.

Step 1. Solving Error Unable to Install Office 365

Disable security plugins temporarily.

In order to proceed with the fix, first of all we need to know the cause of the issue. If the installation seems un-responsive when started or run. There may be security settings blocking the extraction and customization of the program. To overcome the security settings for the installation, it is recommended to disable the security plugins temporarily to install the Microsoft office program.

  1. Open System and security in Control Panel

    Unable to install Office 365

    Firewall in Control panel

  2. Select “firewall”
  3. Click on Firewall off or “ON”

    Unable to install Office 365

    Disable firewall

  4. Select “Off (Not recommended)”
  5. Once the firewall is turned OFF
  6. Proceed with the next step.

Step 2.

Removing temporary file system.

In order to remove the hidden pre-installed program features of Microsoft Office, first we need to remove the temporary file in the computer which may be get associated with the Installer file system.

  1. Open Disk clean up

    Unable to install Office 365

    Drive selection

  2. Select the drive “C Drive” where Operating system is installed.
  3. Check the folders which need to be cleaned

    Unable to install Office 365

    Disk clean UP

  4. Wait until the Process is complete.
  5. Open Control Panel
  6. Select Program and Features.

    Unable to install Office 365

    Removing pre-installed software

  7. Check for “Microsoft Office”
  8. Right click and remove the program if found.
  9. Check for available space in C drive for installing Microsoft Office.

    Unable to install Office 365

    Checking the Free space

  10. Run the Setup

    Unable to install Office 365

    Run the setup file

  11. It may take few minutes to get complete.

    Unable to install Office 365

    Office installation

  12. You can now use Microsoft Office 365 after the finish message.

    Unable to install Office 365

    Successfull completion

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